6 Tips to Successfully Launch a Google Ads Campaign

6 Tips to Successfully Launch a Google Ads Campaign | ninjasquad

Google Ads provide a significant way to increase your web traffic, get noticed online and generate leads for your business. But if you are looking to launch a new Google Ads campaign, what are the steps you need to take to develop a successful Google Ads campaign? 

This article will highlight six tips to give you some guidance in launching your campaign. Whether it’s your first time running an ad campaign or you’re an experienced advertiser, read more to successfully develop a campaign that reaches your target audience and achieves your marketing objectives.

Define Your Objectives

Before you launch your campaign, it’s essential to first define your marketing objectives. Here are some areas you might want to focus on: 

  • Increase Conversions? 
  • Boost brand awareness? 
  • Drive traffic to your website? 
  • Generate leads? 
  • Increase sales? 

Once you have defined your goals, you can begin to develop ads that are specifically tailored to achieve your objectives. This means creating ads that are targeting the right audience and align with your goals. 

Select The Right Campaign Type

Once you have defined your goals you can begin to select a campaign type that is the best subtitle to achieve these goals. Every successful Google Ads campaign begins with determining the proper campaign type for your industry and advertising objectives.

The Google Ads platform has several different types of campaigns available for you to use, each is suitable for a different purpose depending on your goals. Take into consideration each and plan accordingly. If you are looking to generate leads, a Search Campaign is the way to go. If you want to boost brand awareness, consider a Display Campaign. By investing the time to research each campaign type you can find the perfect fit for your business.

Develop Compelling Ad Copy

Once you have defined your goal and selected your campaign type, it is time to develop your ads. You will have limited space so it’s important that your ads are clear and straight to the point. Implement your keywords and call-to-actions that are persuasive and reflect the value you are offering. You should be able to convince the reader to take action in only a few words.  Creating compelling ad copy can be difficult, so don’t be afraid to get help from a Google Ad Agency. One of the most well-known Google Ad Agencies Finsbury Media, they are a London-based Google Ad Agency and can help you craft, launch and optimise PPC campaigns.

Target Your Audience

 It’s essential that you target a relevant right audience with your Google ad campaign. This means researching who your audience is and determining what their purchasing behaviours are. The Google Adwords platform offers various targeting options depending on your objectives. If you are looking to boost local sales or grow within an area you can target a specific location. If you want to reach as many people as possible, you can implement broad-match keywords. However, if you are looking for a less competitive keyword approach, use long-tail keywords and phrases. 

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is a fundamental aspect of successfully launching a Google Ads campaign. This involves calculating how much you are willing to spend on your advertising endeavours and bids on keywords. You should also calculate your setting limits for both daily and monthly spending. It’s important to invest enough capital to acquire results, without burning through your budget, especially in the early days. Consider long-term budgeting options as some ad campaigns require continued optimisation and testing over time. 

Monitor Your Performance and Optimise

The most important aspect of running a successful Google Ads campaign is monitoring your performance. Tracking your results provides insights into which ads are performing the best and which will need to be improved. If certain keywords or ad types aren’t performing well, tracking your performance will indicate this before spending all your budget. Don’t be afraid to test what works best for your business, if you’re not seeing the results you want. 

Launching Your Google Ads Campaign

Launching a successful Google Ads campaign doesn’t have to feel complicated. Follow these six simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to achieving the results you’re looking for. Still, uncertain on how to improve your ad campaign? Contact the team of experts at Finsbury Media for all your marketing needs.

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