How much to pay for SSL to integrate it in website

How much to pay for SSL to integrate it in website | ninjasquad

If you’ve been wondering about the differences between expensive SSL certificates and the affordable SSL certificate price by Namecheap, you’re not the only one. The massive difference in price points is something that tends to confuse people when choosing an SSL. Should they save money and go cheap, or is it worth spending more? In this article, we’ll explain just that.

The difference between cheap and expensive SSLs

There isn’t one. Yes, you read that right. All current SSL certificates on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive, offer potential 256-bit encryption. What exactly does this mean? Well, put simply, it means that when it helps foster an encrypted connection between your site’s server and the user’s browser (client), the key used to encrypt and decrypt data is 256 bits long.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what that means, it’s pretty long and basically impossible to crack. Not even the strongest supercomputer on earth right now could crack it. Whether or not the whole 256 bits is utilized during encryption depends on your server settings and not the certificate itself, so be sure to check that they’re optimized for best SSL usage.

So, as you can imagine, whenever you see an SSL advertised as somehow better or stronger, it’s not. It’s just as good as all the other genuine SSLs out there. So, if the price isn’t an indicator of SSL quality, what should you look for when choosing where to get an SSL?

1. Reviews

You likely know by now that reviews are essential before buying anything online. Look at third-party review sites to ensure you’re getting genuine reviews from real customers. Check out their experiences with a particular store before you decide to buy.

2. Customer service

SSL certificates can be a little complicated, especially if you’re new to them, so attentive customer service is crucial if you get lost along the way. Check how often they’re available and the average wait time for a reply. Good instructional content is also essential.

 3. Partner Certificate Authority (CA)

CAs are the bodies in charge of distributing SSL certificates and their reputations matter. If a CA has been involved with anything shady, apps like web browsers won’t trust it and will flag your site as not secure, despite you having an SSL. Getting an SSL from a dodgy CA is almost like not having one at all, so be sure to research before you buy.


So, as you can see, how much you pay for your SSL doesn’t really matter. It’s up to you. There are other far more pressing matters to consider. That said, why pay more for it when you don’t have to? Go cheap on your SSL and invest the money you save in another area of your business.

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