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How To Make Cool Instagram Posts | ninjasquad

As a brand strategist, you would know that the essence of publishing posts on Instagram is to boost engagement. But how do you feel when you discover that your engagement is decreasing? Your guess is as good as mine.

The major cause of a decrease in engagement is poor content. And when post engagement continues to experience decline, it is only a matter of time before a brand becomes a deadline online.

That means, learning how to make cool Instagram posts should be your priority. You might want to keep reading if you are interested in learning how to make captivating Instagram posts that will generate more engagements.

5 Tips For Creating Cool Instagram Posts

On a daily basis, there are over 300 million posts published on Instagram. The big question is how do you create posts that beat others in gaining the attention of online users?

Let’s quickly highlight 5 tips that have proved to be very efficient in making your post stand out among others.

Use Storytelling Pictures

It is important to know that the first point of attraction to your post on Instagram is a picture. Instagram is a picture based social network. The first thing your followers see on your post is the picture. However, as good a picture is in attracting attention, it is not enough to sustain that attention. That’s why you need to use storytelling pictures.

Storytelling pictures are such that get the audience to think. They are pictures but not the regular ones. They are not only crystal clear to sight but also appealing to the mind. When choosing a picture, consider the following:

  • Portrait
  • Photo depth
  • Pattern
  • Color

All these can stop scrolling. And this can help generate more engagement on every post you publish on the platform.

Use Graphics

Besides pictures, graphics are another amazing thing you can adopt to make your post unique. Graphics can be used to announce events. It can also be used for special greetings.

Vistacreate is a superb free design tool that can be used to make amazing designs. Also, it can be used to edit photos and videos. Do keep in mind that your brand has an identity. Ensure to use color and other elements that complement your brand.

Use Filter

Quality of picture is very important in generating leads. Filtering increases the quality of a picture and helps build a style for your brand. Vistacreate can be used to filter your picture. There are so many pre-made filters on the tool. You just need to download the picture and use the filter tool to edit the picture.

Meanwhile, Instagram also has some sophisticated built-in filters that can be used. If you are to use the Instagram built-in filter, ensure you take the pictures with the camera roll so it can save on your first before bringing it to Instagram for a filter.

Use Hashtags

With millions of posts that go out daily on Instagram, you might notice that your posts are less discovered. That’s because you have not been using the right hashtags. With the use of hashtags, your posts become more visible online.

One hashtag that is searched for can bring numerous connections and information. Also, hashtags help generate real-time conversion. Your audience would not need to always check your page before they see your post as hashtags help circulate your post online.

Let Your Posts Be Purpose Driven

Don’t just post for the fun of it or because it is important to post. Your post must be purpose driven. You can either create posts to entertain, inform or educate your audience. Having this in mind helps ensure the quality of your posts is top-notch. And it would interest you to know that nothing beats quality content.


There you have tips that will help you create cool Instagram posts. Go on and start using these tips to generate more engagements on your Instagram page.

Do note that increasing engagements and generating new leads can be tricky. Consistency matters. Ensure your posts are top-notch and be consistent.

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