Integrating ChatGPT Prompt AI to STEEM blockchain

Integrating ChatGPT Prompt AI to STEEM blockchain | ninjasquad

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Ask ChatGPT on Steem Blockchain

Type “!ask” following a space + the question on the STEEM blockchain. Currently the ChatGPT will listen to the comments (but not the posts). It takes roughly 30 to 60 seconds for a Reply to appear on the blockchain.

How does this work? The Design

One process (or application) is listening to the comments posted on the steem blockchain, and enqueue those that appear to be containing “!ask”. Then the question is stored in the MySQL database.

Another process periodically retrieves the new comments in the time order (oldest first), and then invoke the ChatGPT (currently 3.5) API. When the API returns, the text is posted to Steem Blockchain.


The comments are monitored real time, meaning that the “messages” captured will be dealt, but when the bots are down, it will certainly miss the “old” messages and will not attempt to scan and process them.

I hope this brings some fun and joys, and most importantly, the activity (interaction) on the steem blockchain!

Short prompts may be ignored – try to ask as specific questions as possible.

Currently, this is still BETA – don’t panic when it does not work. Tag @justyy to report problems.

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