Introduction to Ledger Virtual Crypto Card

Introduction to Ledger Virtual Crypto Card | ninjasquad

Ledger is one of the famous hardware wallet for Crypto. You can protect your Crypto Assets using the Ledger Hardware Wallet, by storing securing the private keys on the ledger hardware. Recently, Ledger has been providing the Crypto Card (similar to Coinbase,, Wirex) which is a handy way to convert your Crypto to Fiat and spend it.

However, it requires that you have a Ledger Hardware Wallet, e.g. Nano S or X is just fine. And you can apply the Ledger Crypto Card at the Ledger Live Application. However, at current stage, make sure you choose what to have: either a Virtual Crypto Card or a Physical Crypto Card, as you can’t have both at the moment. I have sent an email to ask for the clarification:

Q: Is there a way to choose the Physical Ledger Card after choosing a “Virtual” one? I don’t seem to find the option to order the Physical card anymore in “Ledger Live”.

A: Thank you for your interest in the CL Card powered by Ledger. As you opted for the virtual card, a physical counterpart will not be offered at this point since the functionality of in app cancellation and reissuance of cards is pending release. Thus, would advise you to wait this feature to become live, to ensure that you are not left with a cancelled card account for an indefinite period of time. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Ledger Virtual Crypto Card

You can top up the Crypto Assets using stable coins: EURT or USDT (ERC-20 Ethereum Network), or BTC or ETH. And it is free to have a virtual crypto card, however, if you go for Physical Card, there is a one-time fee $5 USD unless you top up $100 worth of Crypto currencies in your account.

ledger-live-application-crypto-virtual-card Introduction to Ledger Virtual Crypto Card blockchain Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency

Crypto Ledger Virtual Card in Ledger Live Application

ledger-virtual-crypto-card Introduction to Ledger Virtual Crypto Card blockchain Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency

Ledger Virtual Crypto Card in Ledger Live

A Virtual Crypto Card is just like a bank card (visa debit) except that there is no Physical Card. You can shop online by entering the 16-digit card number, and the Security code (3 digit) on the back of the “virtual” card.

For Ledger Card, it has two Levels – Basic and Advanced.

For Basic Level. The send digital currency and Fiat deposit is currently set to 1000 USD per transaction, and the incoming and outgoing transactions is set to 2000 USD. There is no limit to receive the digital currency.

For the Advanced Level (Required Proof of Address). The limit to Send Digital Currency is 50,000 USD per transaction. The Fiat Deposit is 50,000 USD per transaction. Unlimited incoming and outgoing transactions, and also no limit to receive the digital currency.

Does Ledger Virtual Card Support Apple Wallet?

Unfortunately, it is not supported yet. It would be great if this is supported so that with Apple Wallet, we don’t need a Physical Card, and we can just spend it in the shops.

However, when I was adding the Ledger Crypto Card to Apple Wallet, it says: “Your Issuer Does Not Yet Offer Support for This Card. Learn more about currently supported cards, or ask your issuer if they offer cards that support Apple Pay.”

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