Is Ezoc Better Than Adsense?

Is Ezoc Better Than Adsense? | ninjasquad

I have used Ezoc in 2014 but forgot the details. And recently I have been contacted by Ezoc team to give it another try.

They claimed that somebody switched from Adsense and saw an ePMV (earnings per 1000 visitors) increase of 185% from $700 a day to over $2k a day!

ezoc-earning Is Ezoc Better Than Adsense? adsense

Ezoc Earning Example

New ad placements or sizes on the site can be tested to ensure revenue is maximized.

The system is A/B testing millions of different combinations in real-time to each individual user and optimizing for the highest revenue per session while improving the user experience at the same time.

Here at Ezoic, they claimed that they developed a technology that incorporates machine learning into the site’s ad placement, sizes, density, and frequency. So, each user will get a custom ad experience tailored to their preferences. This increases ad revenue (typical uplift is 50-200%) while significantly improving user engagement.

It is not a trivial task to switch from Adsense to Ezoc, any past expericnes? please share below, thanks!

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