Kanban Board Subtasks – A Quick Guide for Team Members

Kanban Board Subtasks – A Quick Guide for Team Members | ninjasquad

A kanban board is a digital project management tool used to display assigned tasks, show their flow, and maximize efficiency in a company. It has been adopted by various sectors including digital commerce that run remote teams. Entrepreneurs in ecommerce, especially those using ecommerce tools, can enjoy the use of kanban boards as an integrated tool.

Kanban boards have elements such as lanes, which are the defined steps in a process, and cards, which are the work items moving in the process. Cards are further divided into kanban board subtasks, which are the simplest level of a task breakdown.

It can be considered a smaller task that is part of a complex task. The subtasks run on kanban swim lanes that cut horizontally to further explain an item.

It is essential for team members to know how to work with kanban subtasks, especially when they need to display the progress of one-card tasks. But there is no need to be concerned if your team has not yet started using kanban board subtasks.

How to Create Kanban Subtasks

Before creating kanban subtasks, you should enable them together with checklists. Furthermore, you can enable a multilevel option to let you have subtasks in subtasks.

You will now have a tab to add a new subtask. It is easy to use kanban board subtasks because you will have a form to fill in the details of the subtask including to whom it is assigned, the description, the due date, and the linked main task.

The most important thing to know is that all subtasks are stored on the subtasks list, and users will only see them when they click the list.

Viewing the Subtask on Kanban Boards

The kanban board subtasks can be viewed on the main kanban board with their main task on them. They also have other details such as a subtask counter, the assigned person, and due dates. Notably, they have a different color from the main task.

Kanban subtasks get completed fast because they are not complex, so their status continues to change as they are updated from not started, to in progress, to complete.

Benefits of Kanban Board Subtasks

Teams that have not started using kanban board subtasks miss a lot of benefits. The biggest one is the ease of fulfilling tasks because they are now split into many simpler tasks.

Additionally, each subtask can be assigned to a different person and given a different deadline. This increases efficiency as many team members work together to complete one complex task fast.

Another benefit is increased collaboration and teamwork. As the teams work on many kanban subtasks to complete a big one, they have to collaborate in many ways. This increases teamwork and harmony in working together.

Final Thoughts on Kanban Board Subtasks

The use of kanban board subtasks in an ecommerce setup is very essential. As illustrated, they break down complex tasks and give many team members an opportunity to work on them.

If you have a business that intends to use the kanban board, ensure that the use of subtasks across the swim lanes is included.

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