Protect the Blockchain or the DApp from DDOS by Rate Limiting?

Protect the Blockchain or the DApp from DDOS by Rate Limiting? | ninjasquad

The Steem Blockchain is Ideal for DAPP (Distributed Application) – 3 seconds a block. And it means that we don’t need to “Rate Limit” the DAPP in most cases as the chain enforces the 3 second rule.

Take the ChatGPT App on the Steem blockchain as an example, any steem account can only post 1 comment every 3 seconds, so there is no need to protect the DApp being abused by a single account.

How about DDOS the Blockchain?

DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) could be a problem here. An example of DDOS – the server has been attacked by many many distributed node (PCs, servers) from different physiccal locations at the same time. DDOS can be quite tricky to mitigate as the “attacks” or “visits” usually look legit traffic.

On STEEM blockchain, DDOS can mean a large number of different steem accounts interacts with the chain simutanenously. One could be controlling several (tens or hundreds) alternative accounts, and he/she could write a script to post to STEEM blockchain at the same time.

There is no good way to avoid this – but the STEEM blockchain is resistant to such large scale attacks by design. The design of the [Steem Blockchain Bots] is not affected directly, but as the account from @witnesstools can post 1 reply every 3 seconds, if multiple ChatGPT queries are enqueued, it will take longer for responses to appear on the chain. But at least, the ChatGPT DApp on Steem Blockchain won’t crash or be stuck due to this.

And that is why we need to continue counter spam registration on the steem blockchain. It (the diffculty and/or cost) is a balance between the efforts needed to register a legit account or a spam account.

asking-chatgpt-what-is-rate-limiting-on-steem-blockchain Protect the Blockchain or the DApp from DDOS by Rate Limiting? blockchain security STEEM SteemIt

ChatGPT replied “What is Rate Limit” on Steem Blockchain

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