Steem to USDT (TRC-20) – The Trust Problem

Steem to USDT (TRC-20) – The Trust Problem | ninjasquad

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I have developed the STEEM to USDT Swap and I was asked how do you solve the trust problem? Why people trust this tool and believe you will not receive funds and do nothing (or even worse run away)?

Centralized Exchange

Like all the other CEX (Centralize Exchanges) such as Huobi, STEEM to USDT Swap is a CEX except that STEEM to USDT Swap simplifies the trading for STEEM to USDT and SBD (Steem Dollars) to USDT pairs.

Most CEXs allow traders to buy and sell via market order or limit order. And orders are matched. But STEEM to USDT Swap , on the other hand, is a simple swap tool that funds received at @steem2usdt and then USDT (on TRON blockchain aka TRC-20) are sent out to the desired TRON wallet address.

The Trust Problem

For CEXs, they can be regulated by local authority so that you can rely on them. For STEEM to USDT Swap, well, this is a side project/hussle and not big enough to found a company or start a business. Meanwhile, there is no additional running costs apart from renting a few servers (no cost for hiring a employee). But You can rely on this since I am a top witness on the steem blockchain.

I have been staying on this platform (the STEEM blockchain) for almost 7 years (since 2016-08-20 18:36:21) and I have become a witness for almost 5 years (since 2018-02-25 22:17:18). I have passions and hope for STEEM to grow, as much as you do probably!

The service is automated obviously, and you can send a small amount first to try – and with confidence then you can send a larger amount. Don’t forget, you can always ping me at @justyy or [justyy AT]. And if you are to swap more than 1000 USDT, it is suggested to contact me first, just to make sure there are enough funds – or otherwise, the funds will be returned if there are not enough funds in the pool.

Thank you!

Steem to the Moon!

  • You can swap the STEEM/SBD to USDT (TRC-20) via Steem2USDT!
  • Register a free STEEM account at SteemYY!

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