Use segmentation to increase the efficiency of your email campaign

Use segmentation to increase the efficiency of your email campaign | ninjasquad

While more and more digital channels are evolving to reach out to the target audience, email marketing is still relevant. Its use is even increasing in recent times. Email marketing has the potential to provide you with exceptional returns on investment. According to stats, every USD 1 spent on email marketing can offer you a return of USD 42. That sounds quite appealing, isn’t it? Well, it definitely is. 

Email marketing is one of the fastest and simplest ways of reaching out to your target audience. Moreover, the availability of email marketing services can make your task easier. If you are planning to avail of the email marketing services, some useful tips about using this service can be found here for the best outcomes. Companies like Aweber can provide you with the essential email marketing solution to help you achieve the goals of your business. However, as you may have multiple buyer personas, sending relevant content through emails can be challenging. That is exactly where segmentation comes into the picture. 

Segmentation can help in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your email campaigns. It ensures that you reach out to the people with the right content. Moreover, leveraging segmentation in your email campaigns can help in increasing your revenues by 760%. With such appealing stats, segmentation is something that you must use.

What is email marketing segmentation?

Segmentation in email marketing refers to a strategy in which your customer database is divided into smaller groups. The customers are usually grouped as per their interests and preferences. This enables the marketers to easily personalize the emails and send relevant content to different groups. Using segmentation can increase the open rate of your emails by 14.31% in comparison to non-segmented campaigns. It can even lower your bounce rates and enhance your click-through rates. 

Ways to Use Segmentation in Email Campaign

While segmentation can provide you with plenty of benefits, many marketers get confused about how to use segmentation. Here are some of the best ways to use segmentation to improve the efficiency of your email campaigns. 

One of the best and simplest ways of using segmentation in email marketing is by dividing your audience as per demographics. Demographics refer to the statistical data that reveals the general characteristics of the audience, such as age, education level, gender, and more. 

The more information you have relating to your target audience, the greater is your option for demographic segmentation. Collecting the personal information of your audience may seem to be a tough task. However, with sign-up forms, you can easily collect the required data. Demographic segmentation can help you customize email content as per the demographics, thereby increasing the efficiency of your email campaign.

  • Leverage Geographic Segmentation

Geographic segmentation simply means dividing your audience on the basis of their locations. Through geographic segmentation, you can easily send news or content that is specific to the locations of your customers. Whether you are hosting a seminar or opening a new branch at particular locations, you can send emails to customers living in those locations. 

Such emails seem to be relevant to your audience and are less likely to be reported as spam. Moreover, it can keep the customers updated and more engaged with your brand. You can even send emails relating to special sales offers and promotions specific to the locations. 

  • Use Psychographic Segmentation

Another way of using email segmentation is by leveraging psychographic segmentation. Psychographic segmentation is all about dividing your customer base on the basis of their interests and personalities. 

You can segment your customers based on lifestyles, beliefs, life goals, values, and even hobbies. This can significantly increase the efficiency of your email campaigns. As customers get emails on the basis of their interests, the chances of opening and going through the mail is quite high. Moreover, they may even be encouraged to take the desired action. 

  • Product Interest Segmentation

If you are selling different kinds of products, knowing the product preferences of your target audience is highly important. When you send emails promoting products that the receiver is not interested in, they might not open your mail. Moreover, there is also a chance that they may mark you as spam. 

Therefore, understanding the product preferences or interests is important. You can keep track of the past purchases of your customers in order to gain insights into their product preferences. It will enable you to send emails to smaller groups who are interested in the specific products. This will not only improve the open rates of your emails but also enhance the overall conversion rates.

  • Use Customer Type Segmentation

Another way of using segmentation is by dividing your customer base on the basis of customer type. Some who are completely new to your brand will require different content in comparison to customers who are familiar with your brand. Using segmentation, you can categorize your customers as new subscribers, first-time buyers, and loyal customers. This will enable you to tailor your emails and engage customers better. 

The new subscribers are the ones who have shown an interest in your brand but haven’t made a purchase. For such customers, you need to create inspirational content that speaks of your brand and increases their interest. The first-time customers are individuals who have made a purchase from our brand. In order to convert such customers into loyal customers, you need to send them emails with testimonials to build their trust. 

Loyal customers are the regular customers of the brands. You can offer them emails with VIP offers and information on new launches to make them feel special. 

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Segmentation helps in customizing emails and reaching the right customers with relevant content. Now that you know the different ways to use segmentation, it is time to leverage them. Segmenting your email list can provide you with the best benefits and help in enhancing your conversion rates. Leverage segmentation and increase the success chances of your email campaigns.

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