What Are The Benefits of SAP Business Technology Platform for Businesses: Industry Experts’ Opinion

What Are The Benefits of SAP Business Technology Platform for Businesses: Industry Experts’ Opinion | ninjasquad

Most companies now have highly complex IT landscapes characterized by many different manufacturers, interfaces, and data types. Combining these and making the resulting data usable is one of the most significant challenges for the IT departments of modern companies. To meet this challenge, SAP offers the Business Technology Platform (BTP for short) as support.

What exactly makes the SAP BTP the basis for an intelligent company of the future? Read this article to know the opinion of the LeverX Group experts Siarhei Valenda and Pavel Lazhbanau.

What is the SAP Business Technology Platform?

Digital transformation poses an unobvious at-first-sight challenge for management. Due to the continuous automation of business processes, the benefits of digital data as a new production factor, smooth integration within one’s supply chain, and creating the right user environment require new approaches and the holistic implementation of digital processes.

Companies have to deal with this upheaval and additionally invest in innovations to succeed in the market in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a tailor-made digital strategy to reflect the changing market situation in the company’s IT infrastructure.

IT plays an essential role in this – digital innovations and new technologies pave the way for change. With the BTP, SAP offers a basis for high-performance applications in the cloud to support companies in their digital transformation. The software is used in a comfortable and agile way on a decentralized platform.

“This open, business-focused, and multi-cloud platform combines PaaS (platform as a service) and various SaaS (software as a service) solutions from SAP,” Siarhei Valenda says. “Besides various tools, SAP BTP offers numerous ready-to-use solutions. Nowadays, 95 services are available for SAP BTP users. This PaaS-SaaS combination helps stakeholders focus on crucial business processes and issues, transferring low-level control of IT infrastructure to SAP.”

SAP BTP enables numerous integration scenarios and thus offers the optimal basis for implementing individual process extensions, which are efficiently based on the cloud.
Pavel Lazhbanau adds: “SAP BTP provides businesses with all the required tools to meet the company’s needs, make confident decisions, and drive continuous innovations. These are data management and analytics tools, integration services, intelligent technologies, and an environment for developing applications.”

How does SAP BTP stand out from other SAP cloud modules?

Today, the SAP Business Technology Platform is a modular combination of individual services and solutions. As an SAP partner and SAP Global Strategic Supplier for over 19 years, LeverX Group was at the origin of the technology. The LeverX Group’s experts were the SAP BTP early adopters and have participated in developing the core services of this platform since 2014.

The main advantage of SAP BTP is that companies can use the numerous available services and expansion options via the cloud. Unlike this, a classic on-premise SAP system is still operating at the company’s facilities.

According to Siarhei Valenda, SAP BTP has a broader range of capabilities and provides more business opportunities. This means fewer platform specifics, which makes SAP BTP more flexible from a technology perspective.

Pavel Lazhbanau notes that firstly there was no option for Multi-cloud. Before, there was only SAP’s runtime. Cloud packages were limited by only one SAP data center and had fewer development capabilities. Pavel supposes that they all were pillars on which SAP BTP is based today.

Nowadays, the system is much easier to manage. Businesses no longer need to implement third-party software and maintain complex IT infrastructures; they can meet all their business requirements with SAP solutions and services.

What business solutions does SAP BTP cover?

SAP offers companies a flexible platform for developing applications that can be run on different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Therefore, the application development and automation industry benefit a lot from it.

In addition, companies in the data management and analytics industry can also use it to integrate back-end systems, such as ERP systems or CRM systems, thus optimizing their business processes. Moreover, SAP BTP offers comprehensive security features for multiple integrations and is scalable to adapt to the growing needs of companies in artificial intelligence.

As for the business solutions, the platform stores and manages data collected from all the company’s departments and LoB in real time. Moreover, it provides robust analytical tools to gather insights and make data-based decisions. It can help build predictive models to gain insights from your data and predict future events.

Lastly, enterprises perform much more effectively with reliable partners and suppliers. SAP BTP helps integrate the company’s IT environment with third-party systems to improve overall efficiency and increase outcomes.

How SAP BTP adapts to company-specific needs?

According to Pavel Lazhbanau, integrating the company’s ERP system with SAP BTP can improve the system’s capabilities with new or customer-specific features, side-by-side or in-app extensions, and applications. An ERP doesn’t have the required tools, but SAP BTP does, where you can develop a necessary extension on a dedicated development environment and toolset.

“The process starts with the Discovery phase, where you define development scenarios and tools specific to every scenario,” says Pavel. “After the Realization phase, use Application Lifecycle Management tools to deploy, monitor, and scale a new application within the SAP Business Technology Platform.”

SAP BTP’s primary benefits

As one of the most remarkable ready-to-use solutions of the SAP BTP, SAP Build enables business users to easily develop and extend business applications, automate tedious processes, and create compelling business websites.

It allows the development of custom solutions and extensions, middleware, data persistence layers, etc. In this case, SAP BTP offers a range of runtimes where you can use popular programming languages and technologies such as Java, Node.js, .NET, Python, etc.

Due to implementing Kyma into SAP BTP, you can work with a fully managed Kubernetes runtime based on the well-known open-source project.

Siarhei Valenda adds: “You can easily add new services or remove those you don’t use. It means you only pay for services and tools necessary for your business.”

With visual tools and out-of-the-box content, SAP BTP enables businesses to avoid hardware and related costs associated with running on-premises environments. Companies that have already implemented SAP BTP note that their SAP ecosystem has become more cost-effective and efficient with this platform.

Pavel Lazhbanau notes that SAP BTP is available for virtually all business regions and supports over 40 languages.

To conclude, the main SAP BTP benefits are the following:

  • 24/7 trouble-free operation with 99.7-99.9% of reliability
  • simplified handling of cross-system and cross-service business processes
  • efficient use of data by centralizing applications, services, and data sources
  • cost savings in hardware and operating costs
  • better extensibility and maintainability
  • extended use of new technologies such as AI, blockchain, big data, and RPA through ready-made services without complex infrastructure or additional coding

As no enterprise can perform without data, SAP BTP is a foundation for the intelligent enterprise. It stands for more as a combination of a developer platform with SAP-specific tools and technologies and a marketplace where the solutions developed by SAP, partners, and customers can be obtained and used. If you need tailor-made advice on using SAP BTP to boost your business processes, reach out to an expert technology partner.

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