Why ETH Gas Fee is so High today?

Why ETH Gas Fee is so High today? | ninjasquad

I was trying to withdraw the USDT Cryptocurrency (Coin) from Huobi to Crypto.com, and are surprised to see the fee if choosing the ETH.

usdt-withdraw-fee-for-different-chains Why ETH Gas Fee is so High today? blockchain Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) Tron Blockchain USDT

USDT (crypto coin) Withdraw Fees on different chains (blockchain)

18 USDT to Send some USDT (Regardless Amount) – which is insane.. I was told that the Gas fee spikes today because of some new projects today.

The Ethereum network is currently experiencing a period of high demand, which is causing ETH gas fee to increase. This is due to the increased usage of the Ethereum network as developers are using it to develop and test new products, while traders are using it to transact large amounts of Ether. As the demand increases, so does the cost of using the network, leading to higher gas fees.

The Crypto.com only supports the deposit of USDT in ETH, Cronos and Polygon, it would be great if they support TRON Blockchain which has the cheap fee.

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